The Bear & the Rat | A Fro-Yo Party


Who doesn't love frozen yogurt? Personally I think it's one of the greatest things on earth, and yesterday I found out that Coco Bean thinks so too. We were very lucky to have connected with this awesome little family-owned business located in the Rocky Mountains called The Bear & the Rat: Cool Treats for Dogs. They rock, and they have a pretty cool philosophy too. "Treats for dogs are more fun when made with simple, high quality ingredients that are good for your best friend with fur!"

If you remember a while back I excitedly wrote a post about how they generously volunteered to send little miss thing samples of their treats. Well, luckily for Bean, she had her own little tasting party yesterday, just her, her bowl, and three yummy flavors of fro yo. I had a blast capturing her moments of delight. I don't think she has ever seen so much yumminess placed infront of her, and given permission to chow down! I think the photos speak for themselves that Bean is in love with The Bear & the Rat: Cool Treats for Dogs. Check them out on their website, facebook & twitter, and most of all, be sure to pick up some of their cool treats. Your dog will thank you, trust me!

A big thank you to Meg & Matt {the Bear & the Rat's parents} for making Coco Bean a happy little Shih Tzu! 

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  1. Amazing. Thank you so much. I just love that little Honey Badger!!!

  2. OMG the photos are so sweet and Coco Bean is adorable!

  3. You're welcome, Meg. We had so much fun!

    Thanks so much, Lisa! Glad you enjoyed the photos. Coco obviously loved every second of it :]