The 'creme de la creme' of chicken coops


My first post... hi world!

You will soon find out I have a soft spot for animals. I'm also a huge fan of Country Living Magazine. They always seem to have the best articles and advice for all those 'nesters' out there. This months issue had the 'Ultimate Chicken Coop' by Heather Bullard as a main feature. Wow, I want one. I seem to have been on a kick lately of wanting my own garden and land so I can rescue abused farm animals and nurture them back to happy little critters (inspired daily by The Gentle Barn). I think I have said "I want a cow" to my husband at least 15 times in the past month. Anyway, back to this chicken coop, it looks like it came straight out of Pottery Barn. It is so innovative. All of the features not only look good aesthetically, they can all be utilized. I have also been reading up on all of the different hens and what color eggs each breed lays. So interesting. I'm in love and I'm sold, so take a look!

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