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Today's feature is a real treat! I am so happy to be sharing with you one of my most favorite blogs of all time, Pretty Fluffy. When I stumbled upon this amazing blog last year, I immediately fell in love with her talent and insight. I felt like I had known her for ages. Not only do I love that this the ultimate go to blog for the modern pet owner, but also for anyone who enjoys a fresh, positive, & healthy lifestyle. I have had the pleasure of getting to know the beauties behind Pretty Fluffy, Serena & Soda, and I am so glad to know them. Even if we do live oceans apart, sometimes you just know a warm soul right away. Without further ado I am excited for you to get to know Serena & Soda...

Q: Name & the name of your blog:
A: Serena Faber Nelson, Pretty Fluffy

Q: What can we find on your site? Tell us a little about it!  
A: Pretty Fluffy is all about enjoying life with your pets. Our tagline is ‘Life, Style & Fluffy Dogs’ and that’s what I try to bring to the table every day on the blog. I feature celebrities, DIY projects, pet photography, cute products, lifestyle articles and everything that I think captures the heart of the modern pet owner.

Images by Pretty Fluffy

Q: Top 3 favorite posts from your site, or the most popular ones. 
  • In Defence of Rescue Dogs – I’m so glad this post struck a nerve with readers, it gave me hope that there are indeed many kind souls out there who, like me, want to see a world where all shelter dogs find a fur-ever home.
  • Puppy’s First Christmas – Who says dessert bars are just for humans? I love coming up with and shooting our DIY posts and they are one of the most popular features on the site. I’m not the most crafty of people (I can’t even sew!) so I try and make projects easy and approachable while sill being pretty at the same time.
  • Dogs At Weddings – I love a dog at a wedding and I’m not alone! To me dogs are such an important part of the family that there is no doubt in my mind that they should be there for such a special occasion. 

Q: What do you love most about what you do?  
A: For anyone that knows me, Pretty Fluffy reflects everything I love in life. I’ve always loved animals, as well as fashion, beauty and pretty things. So Pretty Fluffy really gives me a chance to express what I love, and share a bit of joy with the rest of the world. I love that in one page on the internet I can write about anything - from helping rescue dogs looking for homes, sharing cute home wares or talking about cupcakes. Every time I post I ask myself – does this post make me inspired? Is it fun, beautiful, thoughtful? Am I smiling? Is the answer is yes, I click publish.

Q: Tell us more about the gorgeous Soda, she's awesome! 
A: Yes she is awesome with a capital A! Soda really was the inspiration for Pretty Fluffy. She’s been my constant companion for over 10 years now and has seen me through most of my adult life – relationships, jobs, up and downs; she’s always been there. Soda’s a Border Collie who still acts like a puppy, is scared of cats and gives the best hugs in the world. She’s my best friend.

Image by Pretty Fluffy

Q: You're one chic woman, I bet your wedding was too! Tell us a little bit about your special day, was Soda in your wedding? 
A: We chose a gorgeous vineyard in the Hunter Valley for our wedding. We had all of our family and friends come up, making the whole weekend a celebration. On the Friday night we had a twilight welcome BBQ, the Wedding itself on Saturday and a farewell brunch on Sunday. It was a weekend of good food, great wine and lots of celebrating! There was never ever doubt of Soda being part of our wedding day. Her official title was ‘Flower Dog’ and she sat up the front with us in the church. My dressmaker even made her a matching bow to wear on the day.  My favourite memory of the whole day is Soda, myself and my husband walking out of the church together as one newly created little family.

Images by Inlighten Photography

Q: What is it like living in Australia? I have never been, but have always wanted to travel there. What are your favorite hidden gems near you? 
A: I’m very blessed to live in Australia. We truly have a wonderful lifestyle here with lots of natural beauty, and a relaxed vibe. I’m lucky to live near Sydney Harbour – I can see the Harbour Bridge from my local dog park! When people visit I try and take them to Bondi markets for shopping, dinner in the historical ‘Rocks’ district and drinks at the ‘Opera Bar’ which is at the foot of the famous Opera House. I have never climbed the Harbour bridge though – it’s on the to do list! 

Q: What do you and your little family like to do when you aren't blogging, pinning or tweeting? 
A: Before I even touch the computer, when I get home from work my husband and I take Soda for a long walk around our neighbourhood. Soda loves it of course and it gives us quality time to chat about our days. On weekends I love snuggling up to watch a movie, having picnics in the park, whipping up desserts in the kitchen or catching up with friends for drinks. Life’s so short, you’ve got to make every day count.

Q: What is your favorite dessert, does Soda have one too? 
A: Oh I have so many!! For a snack I can’t go past a vanilla cupcake with pink icing. But if I was to bake something, my favourite is Banoffee Pie! Soda is a huge fan of Sweet Chops Cupcakes and Biscuits:

Images by Elodie's Bakery & Sweet Chops

I know you just fell in love with Serena & Soda and the awesomeness that is, Pretty Fluffy. 
Here is where you can find them and follow daily:

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  1. Thanks so much for having me today Sarah! I just love how beautiful your site is and am so glad to have met you. Thanks so much xoxo