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Coco and I are so excited to share with you her new favorite fashion accessory, collars by Mattie & Margot. These collars are so sleek and modern, we just love them! They come in almost every color imaginable and are very affordable, which means your pooch {or lovable cat} can easily have a different color for every season. They have also added new striped and bandana patterns just in time for summer! Mattie & Margot's collars are handmade using lightweight, but durable, grosgrain ribbon and their oversized metal grommet buckles make for a trendy look. 

This photo shoot was so much fun! The beautiful array of colors put Coco in such a cheerful mood, she decided to tell her friend Amelia about them. Let's just say miss Amelia felt quite trendy too!

Mattie & Margot collars are handmade in California by Rachael Chiseck, who is not only a dog loving collar designer, she also happens to be one of my very best friends, an interactive designer for Apple {yep, thats right!}, and my co-founder of Really, this girl is awesome, and so are her collars. Want to know what makes Mattie & Margot even more special? 10% of all profit goes toward the startup of our non profit network, 

What is It started out as a our senior design thesis, and now we are working towards making it really happen. Exciting stuff! I'm sure you have all been in a situation where you've had extra blankets or towels laying around the house that you thought a local animal shelter or rescue could use, but did you have a hard time finding their website/wishlists/contact info/donation goals/etc? We did, and we thought we should do something to help out. 

Adorable cat photo featured on our homepage by Thank Dog Photography
Spared's mission is to aid animal shelters + rescue organizations, by involving the community, so they may run more efficiently and ultimately reduce high euthanasia rates. Basically, if you have an extra blanket, pet food, cleaning supplies, or even some spare time or cash, you can donate it. Local animal shelters are always in need of extra supplies and volunteers. With a few clicks of your mouse, a connection can be made, all in one place!

We are so grateful to have had so many talented pet photographers from all over the country offer to donate their images to the site, which has added the perfect touch to our web design. Photographers featured on include: Thank Dog Photography, Doodliebop Photography, Blue Mutt Photography, Sarah Beth Photography, Off Leash Photography, Bethany Giannini Photography, and Kelly Coultas Photography. Now we are in the process of finding a developer in hopes for a future launch, which can be quite pricey. For now, we have a demo available on our site that you can click through. We hope you enjoy it!

Coco's Tip: Color is in! Seize the day and explore collars in every color by Mattie & Margot, you might just find a new favorite, AND you will be helping support's future launch. Hooray!

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  1. How beautiful is Amelia! Love the collars and LOVE - have just donated to you guys, can't wait to see it come to life :)

  2. THANK YOU so much! We hope to take it far, crossing our fingers :]

    Oh and yes, Amelia is beautiful, and a sweetie pie!