Egg Crafting Roundup


It's spring, and who doesn't love a good egg project?? There are so many fun things about springtime, and egg crafting has always been an enjoyable favorite! I have gathered up some of the most creative and eggcelent (had to throw that one in there) DIYs for you and your loved ones to try this week, and just in time for Easter. Your friends and family members will be so impressed by your skills and creativity!

Succulents + Pastels + Eggshells? I must be in heaven because the finished product is just too darn beautiful for words! You can find Jess's whole Indie Twist Easter Egg tutorial over at her beautiful design blog, Roy Joy.

Confetti Eggs! These bring back so many memories for me. My grandmother use to mail them to me all the way from Texas every Easter. I never really played the 'confetti game', where there is only one glittered egg out of the bunch, and whoever gets it has good luck for the year. My grandma always made sure all 12 eggs were glitter filled (12x the luck!). Gotta love grandmas! You can find Jordan's whole Confetti Egg Tutorial over at Oh Happy Day. She always has such good stuff!

Tape + Eggs, ooh la la! This is a creative alternative to the traditionally dyed easter egg. How simple and pretty, plus the possibilities are endless! Check out Chelsea's Washi Taped Easter Eggs Tutorial over at Lovely Indeed.

Dogs love Easter too! Let's not forget about the fluffiest members of the family. Pretty Fluffy has created an easy and fun Doggie Easter Egg Tutorial. Serena + Soda always have the best dog-friendly projects. Don't forget though, this is made with carob, not chocolate. However, your little pals will never know they didn't get the real stuff, they will feel so special!

Enjoy your projects and make some memories!

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  1. Thanks so much for including me in this beautiful wrap up. So many creative ideas. I LOVE the Confetti Eggs! Great wrap up - have a lovely Easter xx

    1. You're welcome Serena! So many neat ideas, how could I not include your doggie DIY? I have your littlest/biggest 'fluffy' fan sitting here as I type. xoxo

  2. Oh my gosh, DYING over the succulent idea! How sweet!!! (ps, I wanted to pin it, but it's all in one photo)

    1. Hi Stacey! Such an awesome idea, right?? Love. If you don't want to pin the whole collage, you can go to Jess's blog, Roy Joy, for her original photos :]

      Here is the link: