Bicycle Basket Trends


When I think of a perfect day the following always comes to mind: sunshine and my little family, which of course includes our dog. She is sort of the center of our family, and she totally knows it. I'm sure the same rings true in your household too! So when I saw this photo session by the lovely Sarah, of McGraw Photography, I was completely motivated to shut off the computer and go outside in the sunshine with Coco Bean. And how about this charming poodle, Linus? He couldn't have been a more persuasive model. It's like his eyes are saying, "C'mon outside and play!".

There are lots of trendy baskets on the market for the daaper dog in your life. My personal favorite style is the woven wicker. Its has that old fashioned feel that I find so endearing. These baskets below are all super durable and are equipped with a soft cushiony lining to ensure that your fluffy co-cyclist stays comfy during your adventures.

From Top:
The Nantucket Bike Basket – $119 from Olive Green Dog
Basil Pluto Bike Basket – $185 from Olive Green Dog
Solvit Tagalong Wicker Bicycle Basket – $63 from Petco

Now I just need to brush up on my balancing and steering skills before Coco joins me on the sunny sidewalks of Florida. It's been a long time since I've been on a bike, but I'm sure you are all much more coordinated! I hope to see lots more fluffy faces riding through the neighborhood. Be sure to share your photos with us if your pup takes on this new hobby. Happy cycling!

To see more of Linus visit his Facebook page

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  1. these are SO cute! i don't have a pup (or a bike for that matter), but if i DID, i would love one of these :)

  2. ADORABLE!! I would be hesitant to get one of these baskets for my bike though, not because of the bike, but because I have cats. I don't know if they're up for the great outdoors.

  3. Wow, just what we need! Sebastian usually rides in my backpack with his head sticking out, but it's way too hot to do that in the summer time. Love the basket that also provides shade, yes!

    Erika and Sebastian

    1. Oh yes, I bet the little shade does wonders! I would love to see Sebastian in his little backpack, that sounds adorable!

      Sarah XO