Bocce's Bakery Summer Video


Last week Coco Bean made her very first video debut! She was smiling and shaking her thang in the world premiere of the Bocce's Bakery Summer Video. Bocce and his beautiful bakers decided to gather all of their biscuit pals together for some tail shaking in the park. They are always doing awesome things, probably because they are awesome. Coco couldn't physically join the other pooches in NYC but she danced from afar via video. This 'Call Me Maybe' song is so catchy and when you throw dancing dogs into the mix it's even more enjoyable. I'm loving Clyde, the Boston Terrier, sporting the glasses and little 'stache. Really, they're all stars in my book. We were glad to have joined the party!

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  1. haha so cute! i totally had this song played at our wedding!

  2. I am in LOOOOVE and how cute is COCO