Healthy Cinnamon-Almond Muffins



I'm completely ready for cold-ish weather and so are my taste buds... and I think we can all agree that autumn flavors are simple the best. Spicy + warm flavors that bring such a comfort to the soul. It's my my favorite pastime of living back in Cincinnati: Tanner and I would get up early, grab a hot tea and cinnamon muffin, and drive to our favorite park at the tip top of the neighborhood, sit on the bench that looks over all of the grassy hills and foggy trees, and wrap ourselves in a blanket while watching the sunrise. It was bliss, and these smells and flavors will forever take me back to that place.

When I first changed my eating habits I was worried that down the road I wouldn't get to enjoy my favorite flavors that make the season so great. I was completely wrong, thank goodness! I've been baking naturally sweetened, grain/gluten/dairy-free recipes and they all taste ah.maa.zing. without the guilt or bloat! Cha-chingg.

This recipe I found over at Roost, the most amazing-healthy-whole-food blog by the beautiful Coco, with equally brilliant photography and film pieces. She uses almond flour for almost everything (my favorite!) and naturally sweetens her recipes with raw honey and fruits. So far, everything I have tried from her blog has been delicious, and I highly recommend all of it. 

The recipe was created for donuts, but I have no donut molds, so I made them into mini-muffins:
These heavenly bites are jam packed with cinnamon, nutmeg, almonds + protien. I changed up the topping from her recipe since I didn't have dates on hand. I melted vegan carob chips on the stove and drizzled a small portion overtop the muffins. Then I sprinkled un-sweetened coconut flakes and chopped up some raw almonds. Perfect combination. Also, it did absolute wonders mixing all of the ingredients in my blend-tec bender rather than using my mixer. The batter came out super smooth, especially for almond flour. Definitely give the blender technique a try!

Luckily I was able to steal a couple of fast photos before these beauties disappeared. This dish is best served with a cup of hot tea, good book, and happy thoughts. Follow her yummy recipe here!

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  1. These look heavenly Sarah! I've been looking for more guilt-free recipes lately so thank you for sharing this! xx

  2. Just discovered your site and I'm in love with the clean, chic look and inspiring pictures! These muffins sound and look absolutely delicious, the smell of cinnamon just screams Fall to me.

    1. Aw, thank you so much, Denise! It makes me happy to hear! And yes, cinnamon is the epitome of fall in my book ;)