Love Day


Are you doing anything special today? My husband and I have never been huge participants of Valentine's Day, but we do always give a little extra hugs and kisses. One of us usually breaks down and surprises the other with some sort of small token of love. We can't help it. Whenever we have a chance to show some extra love, we take it. This morning he greeted me with a 'Happy Halmark, Babe. I love you!"... smooch... big hug. This made me laugh, and smile! Since he had a little surprise for me last year, I made a special paleo breakfast for him this year. Heart shaped banana pancakes and all, with extra cinnamon! Of course, Coco Bean had her own special plate too. She scarfed it down, tail wagging in approval.

However you celebrate, or don't celebrate, here's to a wonderful day full of smiles!

Photo | Martha Stewart 

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