For the Little Guys


Tiny dogs rejoice! I'm excited to help spread the word that our favorite collars by Mattie & Margot (handmade by my friend Rachael) are now available in minis. Yay! We now have two of Coco's favorite colors in the mini versions. You can see in the photo below the size comparison (1" vs 5/8"). To be honest, I don't think I could choose which size I love more, they both fit her so nicely. For those will small and toy breeds, your search is over! They are available in an array of colors and pretty patterns here. You can now order a matching leash too. It's like a party of cool things over there.

Image © Chic Sprinkles  

Also, did you know that Mattie & Margot has a Collar of the Month to benefit animal organizations? Each month, one animal shelter/rescue is featured with a discounted collar of their choosing. The difference in price goes to the organization as a donation at the end of the month. Pretty neat, right? Just another great reason to buy these awesome collars!

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  1. Very cute! We love Mattie and Margot collars

    1. Thanks Taylor! Yay :) And they always have so many fun ones to pick from, so nice!

  2. Thanks for sharing. Just checked out her site and love the collars! And I also love the fact that she recycles them!

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