The Pretty Fluffy Relaunch!


It's September, and do you know what that means? The NEW Pretty Fluffy site has officially launched! Have you checked it out yet? Please do, there are lots of cool new things to explore. This relaunch project has been in the works since the new year and we are so happy that it is finally live to share with all of you. I feel like our baby duckling has finally hatched out of it's pastel shell ready greet the world, kind of like this. Is that weird? 

Designing the new Pretty Fluffy has been one of my favorite projects to work on. Serena's guidance and vision made the process easy and truly enjoyable. Plus she totally puts Monica Geller's organizational skills to shame, thank you. Not to get all mushy, but she's awesome and I just love her to pieces. Big thanks to our developer Madeleine, a coding genius, who made everything come to life and function beautifully. And have you seen her adorable pug pup, Wilma? Warning, you will become a diehard Wilma fan by clicking that link. 

One of the first things you'll notice is the snazzy new logo. Recognize a fluffy someone? It's Miss Soda and her trademark one ear popped up. She has been the essence and inspiration behind the brand from the start. There couldn't be a prettier face for the job!

On top of the new branding, we have a bunch of new goodies designed just for you. We have categorized all of our posts in the main navigation to make everything easy to find AND have added some cool new topics like behind the brand, home tours, and latest trends – plus all of your old favorites. You can even preview the latest post just by scrolling our home page. We also have handy resources on the right hand column, which we hope to add to as we grow. We really wanted to make Pretty Fluffy a place where all types of dog owners can feel at home. There is something for everyone!

The 4-legged team members now have their own bio section as well! These two inspire us daily and have molded us into the dog loving ladies we are today. Read a little more about these cuties here.

A favorite new addition is the Shopping Guides. We have curated these guides so that you can easily find all sorts of pet products to fit your pup's needs – handpicked with the only best vendors to ensure excellent quality and style. Scouring the web for the perfect stylish pet bed just got easier!

You might also notice that some of our special features and pages have been reformatted into slideshows. Yes, bigger photos! We really wanted to showcase some of the beautiful photography and furry faces, because who doesn't love that?

So what do you think of the new digs? We always love hearing from you, leave us a comment below to let us know what you think! We truly hope everyone enjoys it and it can be a place dog lovers around the globe can pop in and feel at home. Stop by often and share with your friends, we have a lot of fantastic post lined up for the rest of the year that you won't want to miss!

One last treat: Want to see something unbelievably cute? Take a peek at some of our good friends supporting us during our virtual launch party. Thank you so much for all those who joined us, your support means so much. You can find more cuteness under #PrettyFluffyRelaunch on instagram, cause the party is still going!
All designs by Chic Sprinkles 

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  1. I love the new site! It is so pretty and I love the new shopping guides. You guys did a fantastic job.

    1. Thank you, Danielle! It means a lot! I hope you enjoy : )

  2. Wow - what an amazing wrap up Sar. You've got ME excited about the new site, ha ha :)

    Thanks so much for all your hard work - the new Pretty Fluffy wouldn't exist without you xx

  3. The site looks amazing Sarah, you have done an incredible job - congratulations! The shopping guides are awesome and such a great idea! xx

  4. This is amazing!!! Beautiful design. I just found your blog today, so I'm excited to start following!!