Christmas Time is Here!


Happy December, friends! The Christmas season seems to start earlier and earlier each year, but luckily it was my reminder to get a jump start on crafting up our holiday cards, and I actually did. Go Sarah! So far, the cards have been sent (with my attempt at DIY gold metallic liners!), most presents have been wrapped and our lights have been hung – well sort of. We are going home to Ohio to celebrate Christmas, so we decided not to put up our tree. Instead we put some twinkle lights on our shared desks since we spend most of our time there. It definitely gives off the white winter vibe and has made working in the home office a little more fun!

Here is a peek at the cards we sent out this year to a few close peeps. We found this little plaid 'trapper' hat (aka the Cousin Eddie hat) in the pet section at Target and we couldn't resist getting it for Bean. She, on the other hand, would have preferred we didn't. It certainly made for an amusing photo though! Poor Coco Bean, she has it so rough.

It was actually quite chilly for Thanksgiving, so I broke out Bean's winter sweater. I'm pretty sure it was the equivalent to giving her a heaping dose of Benadryl. Really, all dog sweaters should have 'may cause drowsiness' written on the label. Every time she wears it all she does is sleep. It made for a cozy Thanksgiving day though!

Also, this month's fun desktop wallpaper is up on Pretty Fluffy! Who else loves this movie? I must have watched it a million times as a kid... okay and as an adult too. You can download your own free copy to fit your desktop screen here. December makes me so happy.

All Images © Chic Sprinkles

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