Sarah is a graphic designer, photographer, and content creator by trade—and a faith-driven, animal loving, plant-based health enthusiast at heart. She has a fondness for whites and neutrals, minimalist style, interiors, architecture, early bedtimes, anything lemon flavored and her husband + her dog, Coco Bean. She is a firm believer in seeking simplicity and positivity and surrounding herself with things and people that bring joy and light.

Her freelance career has given her the opportunity to not only find herself creatively but also establish friendships across the world.

She has been a writer and creative editor for Pretty Fluffy, a lifestyle website for the modern dog owner (think Style Me Pretty Living, but with dogs), since 2012. Along with PF founder (and her bestie) Serena Faber Nelson, they have published two eBooks and have been featured in numerous publications. The pair's keen eye for beautiful aesthetics, love for dogs, knack for budget friendly DIYs and enthusiasm for healthy and holistic living has made Pretty Fluffy the go-to site for the modern and discerning dog owner.

Her work has been featured in The Everygirl, Women’s Day Magazine, Modern Dog Magazine, Good Housekeeping, Design Sponge + More.

Sarah has collaborated and created with brands such as Women's Day Magazine, Modern Dog Magazine, The Honest Kitchen, Kenroy Home, Trendera + many more. If your brand would like to collaborate in a fun and creative way, or you would like to inquire about design or photography services, you can email Sarah here.