Coco's Birthday Weekend - Part I


At the end of September we celebrated Coco Bean's 5th birthday with some low key family fun, and I wouldn't have changed a thing. You know that feeling you have when you're in a moment and you just know it's something you're going to remember for the rest of your life? This was it.

We started the day off with some early morning canoeing. The air was cool and the setting serene, we had our mellow music playing as we began to row. We pretty much had the water to ourselves, minus the occasional kayaker passing by. This was incredibly lucky for us since we soon found out that we (... well, let's be honest it was mostly just me) could not steer a canoe straight if our life depended on it! We did our best, but zigzagged and laughed all the way. This may have been the first time Coco had truly been embarrassed of her parents, which is okay though, because I was totally embarrassed too! Coco acted like a seasoned professional though, and looking very Kate Winslet-esque at the front of the boat might I add!

Normally I'm not a watersport girl due to my fears of deep and dark water (and now my apparent lack of upper body strength and coordination adding to the list!), but since it wasn't that deep it didn't seem too scary. Excuse my sans-makeup and disheveled-hair look, but I loved Bean's expression in this photo. So cheerful, and I love any photo where her tongue is out! She really enjoyed sitting with her pops and trying to spot these so-called manatees in the water, and of course listening to all of the interesting sounds that little critters in the trees made.

Look at that happy face! Be sure to come back for Part II of her special day. Hint: An extra yummy birthday treat + an ocean sunset.

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