Happy 7th Birthday, Coco Bean!

Today is Bean's favorite holiday, she's 7! I just wanted to give a quick birthday shout out to the best nugget around. I know I have been absent from the blog for a while, but I do have some fun fall posts coming up very soon. But for today, I shall party with my family of three as we celebrate our favorite shih tzu. 

I leave you with one of my favorite older photos of her, and a new one from last week. Gah, I love her! 


Blueberries & Summer Happenings

Hello readers, if there are any left out there! Bueller? Mom?

Apologies for the radio silence on the blog, I have been enjoying this beautiful weather and working up a storm. I hope everyone is having a festive summer! Can you believe it is August already?? So crazy.

Since my last post we have had a pretty eventful summer. So far we have visited a blueberry orchard and picked 2 full gallons of berries, bought our very first condo, painted every room (no more pea green!), unpacked and slowly super slowly started to decorate, enjoyed many afternoons on our new balcony (It's Coco's new favorite thing), enjoyed a new morning walk routine, explored our new neighborhood, hit up the farmer's markets, met THE CUTEST baby goat (and didn't have a camera, booo.), visited family, celebrated the marriage of our two awesome friends, explored antique shops, found a new smoothie cafe and a natural foods store, DIY'd this, this, and this, designed some super secret + super gorgeous stuff for Pretty Fluffy, and 'favorited' a million things on etsy.

All Images © Chic Sprinkles

It's been fun, yet laid back, which is great mix for me! We still want to squeeze in a few more things before fall arrives. And we will be wrapping up the end of Summer with a trip to San Francisco + Capitola to celebrate my best friend Rachael's wedding. I cannot wait, it is going to be such a blast to reunite with my long lost DAAP girls! 

We booked a cute little cabin on a horse ranch in the Santa Cruz Mountains for the wedding, and then we will be exploring SF with our friend Amanda later that weekend. I have never been to CA so I am super excited about all of the above. It overlaps Tanner's birthday and our wedding anniversary, so it will an all encompassing celebration. 

I have photographed my way through most of summer, and I love being able to look back to remember all the pretty moments. Here are some of my favorite snippets so far. Also, can I just throw it out there to the universe now... I totally want grow some fruit trees and adopt baby goat named Francis for Bean to play with. Just throwing it out there!

Sooo.... pure berry heaven! We (including Coco) ate so many of these, it's a miracle we aren't all blue. I highly recommend visiting your local 'pick your own' farm if you have one near by. It was so much fun and a very calming experience. Though I have to admit, filling 2 full gallons took way longer than I thought it would. You'll love it though, I promise!

Anddd... we finally got a new sofa! I love it so much, and it feels so clean on our 'super light' gray walls. Yes, I actually strayed from white walls this time. Well, barely. 

And we can end the post with Bean contemplating the beauty of life. 

What have you been up to this summer?? We'd love to hear from you!



Stepping into Spring

Happy Spring! I love this season and all of the new life it brings. The birds are chirping, flowers are in bloom, there is green on the trees again, and all the little neighborhood squirrels are climbing up our siding and peeking into our windows.
I. Love. It.

Come this time of year I am always itching to clean, reorganize and rearrange our decor. I can't resist switching it up a bit. A change in pace keeps things interesting! We have recently added this gorgeous Casey Floor Lamp, by Kenroy Home, to our living room. I'm sort of obsessed with it's minimalistic beauty. It matches with just about everything and I love being able to mix a couple of different design styles together to make our own style. This lamp is perfect for that! Highly recommended for any room. 

I also made a new mini gallery wall with some of my favorite prints. Clockwise:

1. Coco Bean's famous geek chic portrait. I'm thinking of making them into greeting cards – thoughts? Would you buy them? 

2. Only Happy Thoughts by SS Print Shop, this was a birthday gift from Serena. It's perfect!

3. You Don't Need a Reason to Help People, I saw this quote and made it into my own DIY print. The photo of this print hanging in our office was quite popular on pinterest and tumblr. The quote is so spot on, such a good message.

How do you step into spring? Do you have any annual traditions or quirks? Would love to hear them!

All Images © Chic Sprinkles


Charming Charleston

At the end of January we took a trip up to Charleston, SC for a relaxing birthday weekend. We strolled Battery Park, and admired all of the gorgeous homes and historic buildings. The architecture and southern trees of downtown stole my heart. White washed brick buildings, black shutters, green hedges and ivy, pastel flowers, brick walkways, white picket fences, and pets lounging in the front lawn - heavenly combinations. Tanner had his realtor app open on his phone our whole walk and every time we passed a home for sale we would look at the interior photos. What did we do before iPhones?

It was the perfect atmosphere and backdrop for Coco to model her new collar and lead from WOOF New York. If you haven't heard of them, you are missing out! They are the hot new brand to watch for in 2014. Their classic high quality leather is paired perfectly with brass metal finishes – another heavenly combination. Seriously, the brass is gorgeous. Coco wore her gold Park Avenue set as she walked the beautiful streets of Charleston, and she fit right in with all of the prettiness happening there. 

For more info on WOOF, check out our full review with lots of up close prettiness on Pretty Fluffy.

Charleston seemed to be very pet friendly in the downtown area. We met several new furry friends, one in particular captured Bean's attention. They got chummy right away, even though it appears that she is looking at him uneasily. She does that with all dogs - a little 12 lb Bean can't be too careful! I wish I could remember his name. I want to say it was an irish name like Hannigan or Finnigan. It was something charming either way. He was quite handsome, and photogenic.

Here are some more favorite photos from our trip, enjoy!

Above is my favorite house in all of Charleston, nestled back away from the street. Completely crushing on it. It's so welcoming and familiar. Want to hear something weird? I realized after our trip that I had in fact 'liked' this same house on pinterest a long time ago. Coincidence? Maybe. Twilight zone, do do do do do do do do.

The hubs and Bean, taking a break from our walk. Probably the prettiest stoop ever.

Bean posing in front of the pretty pink house in Battery Park. If anyone is interested it is available here for only 8.9 million. A price tag fit for Barbie herself!

All Images © Chic Sprinkles

She was fascinated with the cannons! She hopped right up like she was ready for battle. Look out world!

Here are a few snapshots from my phone when I didn't feel like lugging my camera around. The first two photos were from our brunch at Poogan's Porch. Probably the best brunch of my life. The restaurant was named in honor of Poogan, the dog that frequented the porch and visited often. He chilled on the porch daily and was the best friend of neighborhood until he passed in 1979. It was an adorable restaurant. Highly recommend for brunch lovers.

Happy Weekend friends!

All Images © Chic Sprinkles