I have been absent from the blog for a while, but I am back – and I bring goodies! Serena and I have been cooking up this little gem for the past few months and we are so excited to launch it. This latest project was especially fun for me. I mean... dogs, fruit, veggies, health tips, design and photography? Jackpot! 

This is by far Pretty Fluffy's easiest, healthiest, and tastiest eBook yet. You are definitely going to fall in love with it, and your dog is going to fall in love with you all over again. I promise!

Is your dog’s health and happiness important to you? 
Do you love the idea of homemade dog treats, but can’t find the time to make them? 
Do you want budget friendly dog treats packed with human grade superfoods? 

Say a big HELLOOOOOO to our second eBook: Frozen – 30 Fresh & Fruity Dog Treat Recipes Your Pup Will Love! That’s right, for the past few months we’ve been busily working away on a collection of our easiest, healthiest and tastiest dog treats recipes to date! It’s truly been a labour of puppy love and we can’t wait to share it with you today…


From pupsicles, to biscuits, smoothies, winter warmers and everything in between, Frozen – 30 Fresh & Fruity Dog Treat Recipes Your Pup Will Love! is packed with a tantalising variety of dog treats for every season. 

Including fresh + fun photography, easy step-by-step instructions, handy hints, nutritional info and more, your pup will fall in love with our healthy and tasty flavor combinations that guarantee full tummies, and happy doggie smiles. 

Why frozen? That’s where the magic comes in. The 30 recipes you’ll find within the pages of our eBook are possibly the quickest and easiest dog treats you’ll ever make – yet their superfood ingredients pack a punch. You can literally whip most of them up in less than a few minutes. 

With a focus on fresh fruit and vegetables, each treat ensures your pup is getting vitamins and nutrients packed into each flavorsome bite. With our handy guides to buying seasonal and organic produce, we’ve done all the hard work for you. 

We believe your dog is an important part of your family. We know you want them to enjoy food that’s not only full of flavor, but good for them too. Every treat has been thoroughly tested for optimum nutrition and passed by our scrupulous taste testers with a solid focus on all natural, healthy ingredients. 

These days it can be hard to cook something for dinner let alone whipping up batch after batch of dog treats. With Frozen – 30 Fresh & Fruity Dog Treat Recipes Your Pup Will Love! you’ll always have a healthy treat on hand, and a happy dog at your feet.


• 30 Easy and Nutritious Frozen Dog Treats Recipes to keep your dog happy and healthy! 
• Cooking and Freezing Equipment Guide 
• Pet-Friendly Fruit & Vegetable Seasonal Guide 
• How to Buy Organic Tip Sheet 
• Handy Apps 
• Frozen Dog Treats Cooking Handy Hints 
• Tips on the Health Benefits of Foods Safe for Dogs. 
• Grain Free, Dairy Free and Vegan quick recipe reference


How do I serve the treats from this book? 

The best part about our frozen dog treats? There’s so many ways to serve them… 

• The Pupsicle: Perfect for hot summer days, simply serve your frozen treat plain and slightly thawed for a crunchy taste bomb. 

• The Kong Stuffer: Grab your Kong or Treat Ball and stuff it with your favorite frozen treat flavors. Your dog will love this tasty puzzle and it will keep them entertained for hours. 

• Winter Warmers: Too cold for popsicles? Then why not serve your treats warm! These hearty bites of flavor are a healthy and tasty addition to your pup’s winter dinner. 

• Doggie Smoothies: The perfect fruity snack for you and your pooch! 

• 2-Ingredient Cookies: With our handy recipe twist, these are the easiest dog biscuits you’ll ever make – guaranteed. 

I’m a novice in the kitchen. Will I be able to make these treats? 
Yes, yes, YES! Every single recipe in Frozen is designed for a beginner level. With clear step-by-step instructions, equipment guidelines and handy hints for shopping, we’ve got you covered. You simply start with our most basic recipes (that take literally minutes) and then try your hand at the rest! 

My dog has allergies. Is this book allergy friendly? 
While the majority of our frozen dog treats are allergy friendly, each recipe comes with a handy quick reference confirming if it is grain free, dairy free and vegan. 

Do I need a special e-reader? 
Not at all! Frozen is a pdf file which can be read on any device with Adobe PDF Reader (download for free here if you don’t have it). You can print it out, keep it on your home computer/laptop or sync it to your iPad, iPhone or e-reader. 

Is payment safe? 
You bet! Payment is handled securely through Paypal and you don’t need an account to purchase. Once paid, you will receive your receipt and your unique download link for your very own copy of Frozen.


Snag your very own copy on the Pretty Fluffy Shop today and browse our selection awesome goodies!


Christmas Cheer!

Merry Christmas, friends! 

Things have really started to sparkle with Christmas cheer here at the Dickerson residence. We've been listening to holiday tunes, watching our favorite festive movies, making Christmas dog treats, putting our tree up, and decorating our fireplace and hearth – I also added some firewood to make it look even cozier. Check me out, being all domestic! Bree Van de Kamp, look out.

Our favorite thing so far was taking Coco to the Mariemont tree lot to snap Christmas photos for our annual 'Bean themed' holiday cards. Seriously. I could not hold back the laughter this year. She was totally hamming it up, and the people walking by the square were getting such a kick out of it. 

There was even one lady who was walking by talking on her phone, and said "oooh shut the front door" to her friend, put her friend on hold, and stood behind me clicking her fingers and calling out to Coco to look at the camera squealing, "ooooh good girrrl!!". So. Funny. She is just excellent at making friends.

She has come to tolerate the winter trooper hat. Last year she was not a fan of it. Hence the infamous 2013 Christmas photo. She has come to terms with it and has realized it protects her from the cold. Smart cookie. 

The glasses... well we are working on it. She couldn't help but dish out a couple of honest facial expressions throughout the session. The stink eye below just might be my favorite.

Her photos  turned out perfect for our Christmas cards. Classic Coco Bean. We had them made through Tiny Prints this year, along with our address labels + custom gift tags, and I couldn't love them more! These are my favorite cards we've ever had. I personally love the candy cane striped envelope liners, they add such a nice pop of color! I was so excited to get send these out to our friends and family. 

It's just not a holiday without a Bean Christmas card!

The custom holiday gift tags worked wonderfully for our Puppermint Dog Treats that we made for our neighbor + family dogs. These treats just might be Coco's favorite so far.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!

All Images © Chic Sprinkles

Puppermint Treats and Holiday Preppin!

It officially feels like Christmas! The tree is up, gifts have been made, and the Puppermint dog treats have been baked (Coco, being especially delighted with that last part). You can grab our grain free peppermint (puppermint) treat recipe on Pretty Fluffy. These were really simple to throw together and sort of made me feel like a kid making christmas cookies with all the fun star and snowflake shapes that we dabbled with. Plus they smelled incredible.

She may have been excited about the treats, but I am especially excited that we have a fireplace of our very own this year. It is still in the process of being remodeled (it's just drywall and an insert right now), but I still love it! My father-in-law handmade a mantel for us using barn wood from the 1800's and I cannot wait to see it all come together with the white brick. It's going to be so special!

Our neighbor, Jean, made us some candied spicy pecans last night. Jean you have totally found your calling. Those might be the best thing we have tasted all year! It certainly put me in a festive mood while wrapping presents.

Here are a few more snippets of our holiday so far. Can you spot Soda and baby Emmy in the background under the tree? 

All Images © Chic Sprinkles


Happy Howloween!

We love halloween, and it's here, it's here, it's finally here!

To celebrate I thought I would share Coco's pumpkin photos from last week. It has turned into our little family tradition and I couldn't love it more (check out last year's and the year before that).

This year was a little too muddy for the pumpkin patch, so we went to our favorite little garden shack and the photos turned out just magical! They didn't have the string lights like our old spot in Port Orange, but they had the most beautiful array of pastel pumpkins I've ever seen.

From ours to yours, Happy Howloween!

All Images © Chic Sprinkles