Can you believe it's almost August? Holy. Cow. We've been so busy, July buzzed right by us! Luckily, I did manage to get some snapshots of life lately. Below you can see Coco Bean hard at work earlier this week. I've been designing the new branding/website for Pretty Fluffy and she has been my cute overseer. This project has been such a blast to work on, I cannot wait for the launch!

With perfect timing, the super lovely folks at Poppin sent over some new office products for us to try out. We're digging the yellow pens and blue notebook, they've come in very handy this month! If you aren't familiar with Poppin, head over to their website and checkout the abundance of beautiful (and affordable!) gems to add to your work space. I love how that pop of yellow looks in my glittered pencil cup!

Speaking of accessories, I decided to spice up our living room a tad by adding some new pillows. What do you think? Bean has made herself right at home on them. She really loves this whole 'I don't shed' thing she has going for her.

And don't worry, between the work and sleep we still make time for play. Enjoy this video and have a happy Friday!

Image © Chic Sprinkles

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  1. We are (again) officially in love with Coco. That face is simply TOO cute.

  2. Coco Bean is too precious! x

  3. You have a lovely home and Coco Bean is the best accessory there!! What wonderful taste you have!! LoVe it