Happy Halloween!


Ah, the best time of the year! Last week we went to our favorite spot to pick out our pumpkins. It was such a perfect evening. The weather was actually a little chilly and the sun was setting perfectly over the church yard filled with pumpkins, twinkling lights and all! Coco had a blast sniffing out the place, just like last year. She is such a good sport when it comes to breaking from the fun to take a few photos. I loved how these ones turned out, very halloweeny!

This little trip to the pumpkin patch always helps to put me in the halloween spirit. It takes me out of the Florida landscape and into an Ohio one. I can't wait until we can celebrate halloween back home next year, and maybe even in a house and neighborhood where neighbors actually trick or treat (hopefully!). That doesn't happen hardly ever in apartment complexes. I miss passing out candy and hearing 'Monster Mash' playing at the doorsteps. So fun!

One thing I am always pumped about is all of my favorite shows have their special halloween episodes. Yes! Even the old reruns are still fun to watch. I personally love the old Home Improvement halloweens. Looking forward to Big Bang Theory tonight though, that one is always good. Ooh and speaking of tv shows, our friend Mr. Harvey, of House of Harvey is going to be in full costume as a guest on the Queen Latifah Show today! How cool is that?? Check your local schedule, but here in FL it will be on at 3pm on channel 6. Not to be missed!

Enjoy some Bean Halloween photos, plus some snippets of our October adventures. Happy Halloween, everyone!

All Images © Chic Sprinkles

First row: Bean watching the rainfall // Bean Burrito // Bean being lazy
Second row: New shoes and a breezy walk // Sloppy napping // Pumpkin patch wagon ride
Third row: Picking pumpkins // Theo's and his siblings are ready for halloween // Bean assisting my new DIY
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